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Him & Me - Jack Whitehall, Michael Whitehall

I received this book as a birthday present and it had been languishing on the to read pile for a while. Feeling uninspired with the other books I had picked out from the to read pile I sought this one out and I'm glad I did.


Each chapter is written by one of the Whitehall's with the other making the odd derisory comment in the margins. I loved this format and it was great to see the comedic interactions between them both.


As I expected this book was very funny, I was caught laughing out loud on too many occasions to remember. A stand out part, which left me with tears of laughter, was the chapter depicting Jack's various attempts to run away from home. I don't want to spoil it here but it is a true work of comedy genius!


The love and strength of the relationship between the Messrs Whitehall is evident throughout the book and a delight to read.  The photographs that are dotted throughout the book add to the sense of what a happy and loving environment the Whitehall family is. I also loved hearing about Mrs Whitehall who must be a very patient woman :-)


A lovely, funny account of how two people grew up together and a light-hearted look into family life.