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Murder - Sarah Pinborough

I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.


Dr Bond is back. Having but the troubling incident at the time of Jack the Ripper behind him, Dr Bond is now at peace with the world. His dependency on opium has gone, his sleep has returned and he has hopes that his love for Juliana Harrington will be returned. He believes the secrets that passed those many years ago are hidden well and the terror that haunted him then is never to re-appear.


However life begins to unravel. Gruesome murders are once more taking place and Bond begins to have suspicions about his close friend and his possible involvement in the Ripper murders. Things are compounded when an old friend of Juliana's late husband arrives, bringing with him a rival for Juliana's affections and a blast from the past that shakes Bond to the core.


I enjoyed this sequel to Mayhem very much. If you have not yet read Mayhem I would recommend that you read that before you read Murder.


This book does exactly what is says on the tin, it is full of murder, gruesome and obvious, hidden and slow. Not only does it contain the obvious murder of the body but also depicts the murder of the soul.


Murder has all the elements I expected from Sarah Pinborough, excellent writing, mystery and a dark undertone that haunts the story throughout. There is more of a supernatural element to this novel which lends itself to blackness that the story holds, and which makes it all the more compelling. I was soon drawn into the tale, at first glad to be back visiting Dr Bond and co. However I soon came to dread what would happen next as the familiar soon changes before the readers eyes.


On reading Murder it reminds me that I have been remiss in not reading any more of Sarah Pinborough's work. This is something I must remedy as soon as possible.