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Grumpy Old Menopause - Carol E. Wyer

I received a copy of this book from Best Chick Lit in exchange for an honest review.


Now let me start by saying I'm not yet at the age to worry about menopause. In fact I hope I have a couple of decades left before I have to deal with it. However I was told this was a light-hearted take on a sensitive subject so I thought I'd take a look.


The book deals with the experiences of menopause, things you can do to alleviate symptoms and ways to help you feel better. I liked the lay out of this book. Each chapter deals with things alphabetically, so H may deal with heart palpitations and hobbies you can take up for example. There are jokes dotted about the book, some of these raised a little smile, others made me laugh out loud. Humour is one of the things that Carol keeps mentioning as a way to fight the symptoms of menopause and the way humour is dotted about the book is a good way of instilling this.


I think that there are things in here that people of any age can relate to and take away. The importance of exercise, understanding and other factors to a well rounded and happy life are all mentioned here. It also gives insight into what may happen to when you go through menopause and also how you may help combat some symptoms by taking action now.