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Candra's Freedom: HarperImpulse Fantasy Romance Novella (The Golden Key Chronicles, Book 2) - AJ Nuest


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


This review first appeared on The Book Corner blog.


This is the second in a series of 4 novellas continuing the tale of Rowena and Caedmon, two years after Rowena’s Key ended.


Rowena still cannot remember anything after she lost all of her memories, which were wiped when she crossed the veil from her world into Caedmon’s. Caedmon, the only person who can help her regain those memories has been held prisoner in Seviere, the enemy of Austiere.


However, Rowena has been busy whilst Caedmon has been away. Determined to win her freedom and flee the her castle prison Rowena has been training to fight it out it in the Gautlet, a physical battle of wills where the winner receives land and the means to pay for a life away from court.


The story details Rowena’s hardships, how she has gained the respect of the guards through her fairness and her fighting skills. Whilst she cannot recall how she arrived at the castle, she is determined not to be curtailed by it.


Caedmon, on being released, finds out how badly she has been treated and is determined to protect her. Rowena, still believing Caedmon is her enemy, wants nothing to do with him and fights her growing attraction to the prince.


She has become a warrior in their time apart and will fight for her freedom, he will do whatever it takes to keep her near him and safe.


I enjoyed this second instalment greatly. Rowena’s character has developed in such a positive way. She shows how she has become a determined fighter, not just a woman who is bound by the term sorceress. She has faced fear and violence and is determined to be a free woman, rather than give into the pressures of court. She is also determined not to rely on a man and fights the attraction to Caedmon which confuses her.


This is less of a love story and more of a tale of empowerment and determination, the search for freedom and ultimately being able to trust once more.


I couldn’t wait for part 3, Caedmon’s Curse, so I read this straight after. That review to soon follow this…