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Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero - Harriet Evans

I was sent a copy of this book by Quick Reads in exchange for an honest review.


Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is one of this year's Quick Reads, short stories aimed at encouraging those who don't normally read to pick up a book and give it a go.


This story is a mini sequel to A Hopeless Romantic. I haven't read A Hopeless Romantic as Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is my first Harriet Evans book but this story can easily be read and enjoyed by itself.


This is story of what happens after the happy ending. Laura loves Nick passionately but she can't get over the fact that they are from very different backgrounds. She can't get used to the residing in a stately home, wearing expensive diamond necklaces makes her feel uncomfortable and she is well aware of the fact that Nick's older sister Rose does not approve of her. Plus the pressure of the press, constantly asking when they will be married, makes her question the stability of her relationship.


This is a charming short story about misunderstandings and how the course of true love doesn't always run true, making it all the more real, despite the fairy tale quality of falling for a Marquis and the most eligible bachelor in the country. Misunderstandings and self doubt are driving forces in the story but the message being given is to believe in ourselves and the ones we love and things should turn out for the best.


A lovely romance, ideal for those who are only just starting to discover their reading feet, and for those already with them curled up under them in the chair.