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Laid Off (Cracked Eye) - Seth Augenstein

I received a copy of this short story from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

This short story, easily read in 10 or 15 minutes, is the latest offering from Cracked Eye, the short story imprint of Other Publishing Company. This story tells the tale of Eugene and Fred and what happens when they skip out on a taxi fare and gatecrash the party of the mega rich Gerald Stamford.

The two young men try to bring the attendees of the party 'down to size' holding them in as much contempt for being rich and employed, as the other guests do them for being scruffy and drunk. There is an obnoxiousness about nearly all the characters, a selfishness and air of superiority that they all either deserve what they have, or deserve more.

This in effect is a commentary on society, the often overwhelming, though often unfounded belief that we are owed something more and that the rich will throw their weight and try to control the world around them and that the working man or woman will pay as a result.