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The Escape 2014 (Quick Read) - Lynda La Plante

I received a copy of this book from Quickreads in exchange for an honest review.


The Escape is one of 6 new Quick Reads titles released last week. Quick Reads aims to bring reading to all, encouraging those who don't normally read to give it a go. The Quick Reads books are all short stories of around 100 pages written by well known authors.


In The Escape Colin is desperate to be released from prison for the day so that he can be with his wife as she gives birth to their first child. Depressed because his request for day release has been rejected Colin soon confides in his new cell mate, Barry. Barry, who enjoys the stability prison life gives him suggests that Colin takes his place, as Barry is only on remand and  is soon to be released to attend court. The first half of the story tells of the pairs plans for the prison escape with the second half telling of the consequences of it.


On the surface this is a simple prison break tale. However as the story develops it becomes a story of friendship, family, love and how decisions can effect our lives in so many unforeseen ways. Even if Colin and Barry's actions are wrong, the sentiment behind them are genuine.


The book is easy to read, with short, snappy chapters and I found myself whizzing through it. Of course the beauty of a Quick Read story is that you can go at your own pace so this is also a book that you can easily dip in and out of.


This book would appeal to new readers as an introduction to the crime thriller and also to the more experienced reader wanting a quick, light read.