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Red Room: New Short Stories Inspired by the Brontës - A.J. Ashworth, Vanessa Gebbie, Zoë King, Felicity Skelton, Tania Hershman, Simon Armitage, Sarah Dobbs, David Rose, David Constantine, Bill Broady, Rowena Macdonald, Elizabeth Baines, Carys Davies, Alison Moore

Red Room - New Stories Inspired by the Brontes.


Unthank Books


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I was provided with a copy of this book from the publishers in return for an honest review.

This is a collection of short stories written by award winning short story authors. Each writer was asked to create a story inspired by the works of the Brontes. A percentage of the profits are being donated by Unthank books to The Bronte Birthplace Trust who aim to save the birthplace of the Brontes, in Thornton, Bradford. Each of the authors featured provided their work for no fee.


The blurb at the back can best describe the contents of the anthology." The Collection features a demon sheep, strange curates, acts of rebellion and acts of violence. There is love made and love ruined, parents lost and children found. A girl's controlling step-father gets more than he bargained for while out on a picnic. A troubled man finds comfort in the poetry of Emily Bronte during his wife's illness. A woman stumbles across a French officer while walking and returns home with a secret."


The little book had sat shamefully neglected on my TBR for some time. Yesterday I decided to pick it up and only put it down because sleep beckoned. This is a beautiful collection of short stories covering a wide variety of themes, yet all brought together by the inspiration of the Bronte sisters. If you have not read anything by Charlotte, Emily or Anne Bronte don't let this put you off the book. All the tales contained in it are well worth a read.


One or two of the stories stick out as particular favourites, imaginary correspondence between two fictional heroines  and the one that will remain with me for a long time, Ashton and Elaine, a beautiful story of a mute boy and his foster sister.


I would recommend this anthology to any lover of short stories. If you've yet to fall for the charm of short pieces of fiction then this is a wonderful place to start.