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United States of Love - Sue Fortin

Anna comes with baggage - a teenage son, three jobs and an ex husband who's not quite got his head around the ex part. Tex is a love 'em and leave 'em American who hasn't really recovered from the death of his wife and hides behind shallow relationships, cutting and running when things get too serious. He sees Anna at first as the next in a long line of conquests but she is adamant she won't fall for his charms, particularly when she starts to work for him.

This is a different type of love story in that we know Anna and Tex get together quite soon in the book. The story is about how their relationship develops and how they get over the obstacles in the path to true love.

This is a gently paced story but with lots of story arches, showing a whole host of problems that cause the romance to hit rocky ground.

This is the author's debut but she still clearly has her own style and voice, which can only grow with any further works from her.

I really enjoyed the scenes set in Texas on Tex's ranch. In fact it would be great to see a sequel based around the ranch and it's inhabitants!