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The Reckoning - Rennie Airth

1947. Britain is recovering slowly from the war. John Madden is happily retired from the police force and tending his farm. He soon finds himself drawn into a murder investigation when a victim of a bizarre shooting appeared to be trying to track him down. As Madden and his friend Billy Styles investigate further, they find that the echos of the First World War still reverberate.


You know that you’ve found a good book when you can’t wait to get back to reading it. That’s what happened whist I was reading The Reckoning. This is engaging from the beginning, opening with the murder of a mild mannered retired bank manager. I was soon drawn into the story, each character was well drawn, holding their own place and having their own importance in the story. I could easily imagine the foggy streets of post war London and the murders in particular were quite moving and sad in their descriptions, as they were told from the point of view of the victim.


I had guessed the murderer before the dénouement but this did not spoil my enjoyment. This was a gentle paced novel, despite dealing with the devastating impact of war. The topic of the events in the First World War were fascinating and made the story all themore interesting and moving for me.


The era/style was reminiscent of Miss Marple and that ilk, harking back to a bygone age with old fashioned crimes and values for want of a better phrase. This is the fourth book in the Madden series but the first Rennie Airth book I have read. I will certainly go back and read the others in the series.