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A Vintage Wedding - Katie Fforde

Beth is new to town and reluctantly attends a local event in the village hall. There she meets Lindy and Rachel. The three soon make friends, bonding over plans to spruce up the dilapidated village hall. Beth feels the place would be perfect for her sister’s wedding, which has to be done on a budget. The three of them soon hatch a plan to start a vintage wedding planning business. As the women plan another wedding that will happen very soon, they make firm friends. And find love for themselves in the process.

I am a huge fan of Katie Fforde’s novels and always look forward to her latest book. In fact, hers are books I have to delay reading for as long as possible so that I know the wait for the next one won’t be very long.


I had so much fun reading this book. And sometimes fun is just what is needed. This is one of those books where if you have to put it down for any reason you long to get back to it. I was soon caught up in the lives of Lindy, Beth and Rachel and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen.


All of the characters are portrayed very well. The three women are all different but complemented each other. Rachel’s OCD tendencies are tested to the limit when she has to confront Lindy’s small, untidy house, overrun by Lindy and her two young sons. It was lovely to see her challenge herself to become more relaxed and Raff, the man who appears to turn her life upside down, was proof that opposites attract. Lindy adds another dimension. A single mother of two young sons she has differing priorities. Having always put them first she has to adjust to the fact that she may be able to have a career she loves and that there might be room for romance. As for Beth she has struggles with her own controlling mother. The fact that she can utilise her organisational skills and produce beautiful, successful, weddings, gives her the independence she needs and helps her grow closer to her mother. The rest of the characters beautifully round out the book, adding to the charm of the tale.


There are some things that need to be taken with a pinch of salt, instances of suspension of disbelief that allow the story to progress rapidly, for example how quickly they become friends, or Beth’s relationship with Charlie, which doesn’t seem deep enough to warrant Beth’s reaction. It may be obvious when you start to read the novel that the women will all find love. Stories such as the ones Katie Fforde writes don’t need to be ones where the reader doesn’t know if the woman gets her man, it’s all about reading as they fall in love. The joy with stories like these is not the destination but the journey.


There is something warm and comforting about this book, it truly is one you can curl up with and get lost in. Perfect for long autumn evenings or to while away time on the beach. I’m very much looking forward to reading Katie Fforde’s next book, hopefully soon.