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Fright Club - Ethan Long

Bunny wants to join Fright Club but Vladimir won't let her. Will she manage to change his mind?


This is a tale of a bunny who wants to join fright club in time for Halloween. It has become a favourite with my children and so means multiple readings for me, though thankfully I don't mind.


The illustrations are very detailed and fit the story perfectly. They are dark in places, with lots of grey and black used. Luckily they don't scare the children, even when Mumford the mummy does his scary party trick with his eyes (once you've read the book you'll see what I mean!).


There are some references that are geared more towards the adult reading the book, for example there is a line about how the monsters moves were scary, but not in the way Vladimir had hoped, and the were-wolf is called Virginia. I would expect some of the content to go over children's heads, though my children love the story and have no issue with me reading it repeatedly.


My children love this book, shouting out at certain parts, joining in with scary noises and frightening faces. In amongst the scary moves, and ghostly goings-on there is a lovely moral to the story - that no matter what you look like, or appear to be, you can be anything when you set your mind to it. And that you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover.