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Pirates Love Underpants - Claire Freedman, Ben Cort

This book came into our household as a birthday gift for one of my children. It has since become a firm favourite.


The Black Bloomer and the pants pirates are on the hunt for the famous golden pants to add to their treasure booty. Will they find the famous pants of gold or will another pirate crew get there first?


Some children's books are obviously educational, others hide the lessons in the pages. Some books are just plain old fun, and this is one of them. Don't get me wrong there are opportunities for kids to learn, as there are with the majority of children's books. There are footsteps to spot, times when we have to whisper and opportunities to play find the object or count crocodiles under the Long-John bridge (a cracking double joke covering both pirates and underpants in one fell swoop). This is a lovely adventure story for young children. It includes pirates, crocodiles, parrots and underpants so there's lots to appeal.

Ben Cort's illustrations are fun and colourful, perfectly capturing Claire Freedman's words and help children engage with the story.


Its the sign of a good children's book when you are asked to read it again straight after the last page. Its a sign of a great children's book when you don't mind that second, third or twentieth read through. This is an engaging, fun read for young children and those reading to them.