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Dave by Sue Hendra (7-Feb-2013) Paperback - Sue Hendra

"Dave is big and quite fantastic". So goes the opening lines of this delightful children's book that charts the tale of Dave the ginger cat and an unfortunate predicament he finds himself in.


Not only is Dave fantastic, so is the whole book. The lines are perfectly paced for little readers to be to join in, gleefully shouting what has happened to Dave. I am always on the look out for books to encourage speech development and this is one such book.


It is the sign of a good children's book when it entertains adults and children alike. It is the sign of a great children's book when the reader doesn't mind the tenth straight reading of it. And this is such a book. I was more than happy to turn to the first page on each gleeful plea of 'Again'. This book is great for bed time reading, and was a boon for soothing during a fitful night's sleep.


The illustrations are perfect, matching the lines of the story extremely well. They are an integral part of the story, as they should be and are a delight to see.


The copy we have is borrowed from nursery so I will have to get a copy for our house soon. Double Dave is due for release in January 2016 so I will have to snap up a copy of that on release. I will be seeing what other treats Sue Hendra and Liz Pichon have published while I wait.